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Waiting on a Bee

Waiting on a Bee I shot this photo using a 50mm f/1.8 lens. I just love the shallow depth of field and sharpness of this lens.

Black n Yellow

Black n Yellow A beautiful yellow daffodil…      

Tow Mater’s Relative

Tow Mater’s Relative We were driving back from the NW GA Balloon Festival in Menlo GA this past weekend when I happended upon this truck by the side of the road. I couldnt resist stopping and taking a few shots. I wonder who bought this and how long they had it. I also wonder what they used it for. It sure does seem rather lonely sitting by the road; its as if its waiting for its owner to come...

Walking Down the Tracks

Walking Down the Tracks I dont know why I am drawn to train tracks. Perhaps its because my Great Grandfather was a conductor. Or its because I spent so many days of my youth walking the tracks and picking up the spikes that were laying beside the rails. Maybe I just feel a sense of connection with the past; sort of a romance with days gone by that only history can...

Musical Escape

Musical Escape Red Top Mountain Georgia was the host of the Spring At The Homestead festival in April that featured various displays of Appalachian living from days gone by. The folks shown playing having been playing most of ISO 100; 1/30th Sec; F7.1; 24mm; Nikkor 10.0-24.0 mm f/3.5-4.5 their lives, and the expressions on their faces as they played caught my attention immediately. It’s as if they disappeared into their music and were carried away to a different place and time. I hope I was able to capture this with my...

What About Me?

What About Me? ISO 100, f4.5, 1/80 sec, 15mm, Nikon AF-S 10.0-24.0 mm f/3.5-4.5 We went horseback riding at Adventure Trails in Blue Ridge GA a few weeks ago. The horse in the photo was in the pasture next door and approached us when we were walking to our car. I couldn’t resist this mug – he seemed to me to appear as if he wanted to join in the fun but couldn’t. The hills he’s standing on slopes downward thereby making it appear as if only his head is present. Since spring was just reaching the mountains and the vegetation was barren I decided to use an antique b&w...

A Weekend Drive

A Weekend Drive While driving back from a recent trip to the mountains we found ourselves behind this horse trailer. I had never seen one with the horses heads actually sticking out the window. A few times I thought the heads would be taken off by trucks zooming by heading in the opposite direction in the other lane. The horses would dip their heads in to grab a bite of hay and then pop back out while chewing…it was quite an amusing site and we enjoyed every mile. The trailer pulled off the road so that the driver could close the windows prior to heading onto the highway and I stopped and asked if I...

Rolling Hills of …

Rolling Hills of … I was vacationing with my family in Blue Ridge Georgia the past week and we went for a drive. Somewhere between Blue Ridge and Morganton we happened upon this stunning meadow with gentle green rolling hills, mountains in the distance and one lonelovely tree just waiting for spring to arrive. The trick with these shots is in getting the camera to capture the perspective we see when there in person. I used a wide angle lens to to reach from the tree to the ridge-line while using a broad swath of  the meadow to help place the viewer in the foreground as if standing there while hoping that i...

Evening Sky

Evening Sky A shot from the front yard of our cabin in Blue Ridge GA just before sunset. I simply looked straight-up, saw this majestic cloud pattern and sunlight and quickly fired off a series of shots. I locked the exposure off of the brightest spot to ensure I wouldn’t lose some of the highlights.

Just for Me

Just for Me This is a shot from Black Rock Mountain State Park in Georgia, at about 1:00 with a circular polarizer. I particularly like the lines created by the separation between the fence, the trees both close and far, the horizon and the rich cloud formations. I wanted the fence in the right 1/3rd to provide a great foreground that would then lead the viewer towards the middle ground and then background for great depth and I think it worked as this photo at least to me feels vast. I chose b&w to pickup some of the harshness from the rocks and trees that still were in need of color and leaves. As...
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